If I Die Today

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A good bye note in these times of death and uncertainity. Sorry to be sad but just going with the times...

If I Die Today

If I die today, I want you near me Remember me as someone who made you smile When you see the angel of death tear me Rememer me as someone who stayed in your heart for a while If I die today, I want you to one last time, hear me.

If I die today I want you to stifle your tears Remember my bad jokes and clumsy ways Remember my absurd vows and foolish fears Remember me and let me make you laugh through your days For even in death, I can't bear your tears

If I die today, please don't let me disappear Please don't let me be reduced to a body bag Please don't let me rot in some hospital's rear I'll do whatever it takes, even in death I'll beg If I die today, please for once hold me dear.

If I die today, I want you to ask me to stay Ask me once more, this last thing to defy Ask me to be with you all the way For even if I'm smiling I really don't wanna die I know together we can make death sway.

If I die today and I know I'm gonna die Promise to keep me close in your heart too Promise to be honest with me and don't lie Promise that even without me you'll make it through Because if I die, I want you to know that even dead, I'll always love you .

If I die today ......... then this is my thank you.. My Goodbye...

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