The Mysterious Robber By UtraPro1012
       The Mysterious Robber

              By UtraPro1012 robber stories

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A mysterious robber comes in town to deal with the best cops ever. But, he gets out of control with TNT...

The Mysterious Robber By UtraPro1012

One Dark Night, a mysterious man arrived in a city that had the best cops ever. He was a crime boss. He passed through every single security check with TNT. He put a special paper around it that made it so that the machines didn't find out. After he finished his security check, he ran to his house that he bought before he arrived in the city.When he arrived he saw his friend criminals waiting for him.

"Hey friends" said the crime boss. "Hey, what took you so long" said one of the criminals. "Nothing, I think you arrived early" said the crime boss. "OK, remember that we are here to destroy the city and break our huge amount of criminal out of jail. So, here's our plan. First, we sneak by the prison. Next, we knock a cop out and we take all of his stuff including his uniform and wearing it. Lastly, break the criminals out and placing the TNT and escaping!"

So, they got right to work. But, they thought nobody heard that. But, a cop did and he was part of the SWAT team. So, when they sneaked past the prison, they saw an alone cop ready to be knocked out. With silent laughter, they raced and knocked him out immediately. "Hmm, not that good security" one of the criminals said. But, as he said that, the crime boss saw a SWAT member with bullet-proof vest pointing a sniper at them.

With that seeing, he raced in a safe area in the prison using the knocked out cop's keycard. But, when he came in the safe area, through the window, he saw 6 SWAT members with bullet-proof vests pointing snipers at them. "Ummm, I don't think we thought this out" the crime boss said. "We have one option that will give us a chance to escape our-self." With one option left, he sneaked out of the safe area and placed TNT around the prison.

"Run!!!!!!!" the crime boss shouted. So, they all ran. But, the SWAT members shot all the criminals except the crime boss.They tracked him down until the border of the city. As soon as he crossed the border, he attempted to activate the TNT. But, it didn't work, all it said was "you are jammed" in the screen of the launcher. "Freeze" said the SWAT team. "Fine, I surrender" said the crime boss.

After he was arrested and put in a jail cell, the SWAT member that watched him came and said that "you should have made sure your house walls were sound-proof." The crime boss immediately knew what he meant. He was watching and hearing him say his plans by his window!! After that, he never attempted to do crimes ever again. The End

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