"BURN" By Ultra_Violet22
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ultra_violet22 Bookworm-Poet-Violet lover
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The poem is about a girl, a match, and its fire.

"BURN" By Ultra_Violet22

I. At a dark and isolated room, Hidden the girl with a grim mood, She stayed at the edge of the room, With pain no one understood.

II. She was desolate and depressing, As she lit a match in the dark, With the darkness lessening, Her face shown a scary mark.

III. Abused by a horrible recluse, A recluse with no care whatsoever, The memories reside in her of the abuse, The pain he gave is locked in her forever.

IV. The fire glowed with strength and will, It flickered with a crackling sound, As all life around it is very still, Including the girl who is spellbound.

V. Under the great heat of the moment, The girl took the fire with her bare hands, But a burn came to her with a sad lament, She stared at the great burn at her hands.

VI.The fire persisted with its rage, Until it gradually quietens to a slow burn, She looked at it like hope is at range, And the flame dies with its last burn.


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