Methane Kingdom
Methane Kingdom cyber-punk stories

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The world's dead & some guy build a civilization from junk.

Methane Kingdom



The king stand laugh loudly on top of his throne. Feeling the dark soul embelleshing his body, you might think that he is a madmen.

For some part, that is true. But for some other reason, it is true as well.


He is the King of the Mountain, wearing noble robes made from melting tires & crown of old copper & rusty emerald. Sparkles of diamond are constantly flying around his shoned-by-godray body.

Everyone fall under his power & kneel before him. His knowledge has brought him too far. He is the Einstein of the Apocalyptic 23th Century. He is too supreme, too powerful...

For a garbage king building his kingdom from trash.

Literally, trash.

I stand in that palace, looking around all glorious kingdom architecture made from rusts & junks.

The king laugh loudly again.


The year is 2317 Akatosh'//Razor>> month of the 3,14159th day.

(In short, this is the 23th century.)

(I know, that's a messed up calender. Don't ask me why.)

The old ancestors expect today will be full of cool skycrapers & flying cars. Surprisingly, the world is now mostly dead & turned into funny-colored desert.

What was happening, again?


It all went back to the day he trump.

(Images of nuclear & Spongebob singing Best Day Ever song in the background.)


They said the nuke cloud was really big, it looks like a mushroom reaching to the moon.

I'm sure it was pretty...

Since that day, Earth move some thousand kilometres away.

Civilizations crumbles, radioactive turned everyone & everything into funny colors.

Oh yeah, and everyone pretty much dead.

And the world's dry.

Some who live became zombies, mindlessly eating their neighbour.

Some other became mutants. They still have mind, but they're savages. But hey, their veins are now multi-colored blood, that glow & looks badass' in the dark.

Some other are animals, mutating to the core & became wondrous creatures beyond dreams. Chickens are now flying in the sky & breath fire...

Other miscellenous includes SCP & random killing machines wondering their life purpose in this wasteland.

And the last, there is us.

Puny humans.

Did anything change from us?

Not sure...

Seeing everyone around me, i think we only get dumber along time.

Staring at those people, worshipping their Junk King...

"Oh Our Lord, save us from this abomination..." Those peasants humilatingly bowing to the floor in front of him.

"Of course, of course. Just worship me more." The Junk King commend those men & women.

I only stare from some metres away.

I better not get involved with them.



How the heck does someone build kingdom from methane junk?

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