Whispers of the Wind
Whispers of the Wind wind stories

ultimate_poet I am the worst writer in the universe
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Inspired by the telltale heart.

Whispers of the Wind

A man came up to me. Withered and gray. A smile spread upon his cheeks. A shining aura bursting from him.

Yet I do not feel the same as I look at him. For I feel a poison creeping in me. For I take sight of my tormentor. The Eye.

Oh! I pity for his misery. Living with such a monster. This man needs to be saved. This man needs to be cleansed.

Creaking floorboards. Balmy hands. I held this with my light. Shone to the old man that awaken from his slumber.

I then saw my bane of existence. I then destroyed it so. Now I see only red. oozing all over the floor.

I now feel nothing. I now see nothing. I am just here at this silent night. With the whispers of the wind.

The End.

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