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I'll never forget the sublime moment when you answered my kiss.

Shooting Star

I'll never forget the sublime moment

when you answered my kiss.

Like an epiphany, the eyes of my soul opened up

immediately when they realized you were

who I had been waiting all my life.

From that moment, I made the decision of

making you happy, whatever it took, put a

smile on your face at all times, and

make you fall in love like nobody had ever made you.

Unfortunately, I tripped over my demons,

and when I fell, I made you fall too. Forgive me

for falling over and over again, when my

intention was keeping you strong and happy.

As you could see, love can do anything.

We decided to change our minds, and

swept away the stones that made us trip.

Harmony like in the first day, glorious moment.

Physical demons appeared, and they made you

stumble with a stone you never thought to find,

one which you had suffered but never done.

Demons I warned you about.

Then I tried to grab your hand, but yours didn't return

my grasp. And then I understood that, yes, I waited for you

all my life, but your wait still remains,

and I'm only a shooting star.

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