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Her parents were burned in front of her.... Now they wanted to kill him too. She was running to save her life and in the meantime she fell into a ditch.. so.. what happened after that??

She went into the prison of an unknown master... Whom he had not even seen - Which she didn't even know... Which she didn't even know the name of ... But ... He trapped her and made her his own. Will she be freed from the imprisonment of the unknowing master? And will she be able to reach her parents' killers?



It was too late to sit here. She was looking at this room with strange eyes. Where did she go to tell her to rest?

she turned the blanket to one side and landed on the bed. She felt her body still ache. Probably because of being constantly lying ... She was slowly moving towards the window.

The curtains were raised side by side. And the front view surprised her ..??

It looked like it was a deserted valley ... Mountains.. full of plants - Tall trees ... Fog - The clean road goes away. No human existence was visible here.

It was the sounds of the birds that were listening. The humidity in the air was suggesting that there was a river or water fountain somewhere nearby...

What a beautiful scene it was - but she didn't look like it. Her fear was further increased - Where was she ? How did she get here? Until last night, she ...

Suddenly, the night's light shone on her mind. And in the eyes again the humidity and tears started falling down one by one...

"Mama ... " she closed her eyes and said in a slow voice. "Papa" tears were now flowing down her cheeks.She felt that someone had knocked on the door of the room.

She immediately opened her eyes.Someone came in ... She didn't turn up. She had to clear her tears ...

"Hey ... Why did you get off the bed? Right now you need rest. Your body is awake right now. she looked back. She was laying tray on a table ...

'' what is this place ? How did I get here? " She repeated the question ...

"You have to take Medicine and you have to eat something ... Come on, I've made sandwiches for you. " She said, grabbing her hand and leading her to the table.

"Why aren't you answering me? " She tried again. The door was open again before she could answer anything. And a boy came in.

" Meet him. he is Mustafa ... Our partner " She pointed to the boy ..."Hey Miss Sleeping Beauty. Thankfully you got the idea to wake up. " He raised his hand towards her.

Whom she was looking at with strange eyes."Oh sorry ... I forgot that beautiful girls don't touch anyone at the first meeting. ""Come on ... " They both sat down comfortably now.

While she was standing in her place, she was watching these two strangers. Whom she now began to fear.

"Why not tell me what I'm doing here?" " She was angry now."" Yes. What's the point? You've been here for so long and we're serving you ... And now when you wake up ...

So you are drinking tea and we are also drinking. " Mustafa said again."How long..?" what does mean ? When am I here? "It was such a surprise.

It was only after seeing her wound that she had been here for a few days, but how many? she didn't even know it ..'' Watch .. " Maya took a deep breath ...

"You drink tea first and take medicine - After that we will answer you every questions . Please " she requested. After thinking for a while ... She was sitting ...


It was a tall mansion building ... All four sides of the guard stood in a black suit. Each guard had its own revolver. Which was hidden by some And some were wandering around in their arms.

The entrance to the mansion was a long road from the mansion to the main gate. Which had a lawn on the right. At that time, there was complete silence in the mansion.

There was nothing here except the sounds of birds.

And then something was disturbing the comfort of this environment ...

The main gate of the mansion was opened by three guards - And a car entered the mansion - the car had come across the road and stopped in front of the mansion.

A guard at the mansion opened the front door immediately. And one person came out.

About six feet tall, wide shoulders, dressed in a black pants suit, clean shave, knitted halls, painted sandals but attractive touches, applied black glasses to his eyes.

"The Shehzad is in ? " As he approached the guard standing outside the mansion entrance, he asked."Yes. he is waiting for you. " On hearing the guard's response, he shook his head and entered.

It was a huge lawn. In the middle of which kept various items of sofa, table, decoration. Other than that, there were some pictures on the walls that probably belonged to one of the residents.

Seemed ...he Came to the right ... Where there were stairs leading to the upper floor. But instead of going up the stairs, he was standing in front of a door on the right.

Knocked on the door."Come on." There was a loud sound from inside.He opened the door and went in. It was probably a guest room. Where there were tables, chairs, sofas.

One of the old men was sitting on a sofa. Wear a gray paint coat. Light but white and black bearded, holding a cigar in his hands.

He was standing in front of him.

Looking at him, "What is the report?" He asked."All things are done. Like you said ... We left no sign. It was just an accident. '' he said .. The style was mechanical -'' good ..

And that girl ... What happened to her "There was another question."Our servants have searched this whole ditch ... She was nowhere to be found. Looks like someone has taken her from there.

Blood stains are also removed by someone. We can't find any sign. ""It's bad ... "If she survives, it can be difficult for us," he said while holding the cigar in the front seat.

"She can't survive ... she was shot two shots ... The whole body was injured and as deep as she ate. It is impossible to survive. Because by the time someone has seen it ...

Her breathing must have gone out. " He was satisfied. On this point, Shahzad's head was shaking..

'' Okay fine .. This is what you are saying. But you don't have to leave the search ... Keep your eyes open all the time, "he said while pointing a finger like warning."Don't you worry ...

I'll never forget her, "he said with a smile.'' good ... Now you can go " said with a hand gesture.'' City ? "He asked.'' Yes .. You don't have to worry anymore. Go " was the ultimate way ...

There was no room for talk after that. He shook his head and came out.


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