I put myself up there in the sky.

I put myself up there in the sky. meditation stories

uglytriceratops Community member
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The sky is very blue.
It's suffocating me.
Pressing down on my chest.

I put myself up there in the sky.

The sky is very blue. The house is filled with sunlight. There are so many possible ways for me to spend this day.

They're suffocating me. Pressing down on my chest.

There's too much time left, too many hours, too many things that need doing.

I lay on my back, On ugly and thin carpeting. On the floor of my living room.

I put myself in the sky.

I am out in the open but there is no pressure for me to do anything but float.

I'm not trying to go anywhere or accomplish anything. I'm just floating through clouds and sky and sunlight.

I look up and see the white paneling of my ceiling. I change it in my mind.

Make it fluid instead of linear and fluffy instead of flat. I imagine myself cushioned and covered by some kind of atmosphere.

I can feel the sunlight but it is not in my line of vision. It does not blind me or burn me.

I am safe and moving slowly with the current of the clouds and the air.

I have no fear of dropping, why would I? I'm not even really flying, just floating. Gently. Peacefully.

I make myself a place of serenity for my spirit to rest in, because there was not one here that worked for me.

Today I felt as if my feet were stuck to the ground. As if they could not move me where I needed to go fast enough.

So I put myself in the air with the birds and the sunlight. I made my body move slowly. Lightly. I was carried as if I weighed nothing. I made myself weigh nothing. I made myself soft and light.

If you need something, make it for yourself. Sky's the limit. Maybe, Maybe not even that.

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