Caught that taste
Caught that taste ugly stories

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Caught that taste

I'm traveling the world

Just window shopping

I've caught that taste for girl

Don't feel like stopping

With a wink and a twirl

Down they're dropping

Their dresses are unfurled

We are rocking.

My mug in their magazine

Is my one-way ticket

My lifestyle is their dream

They want to taste it

Bottomless my pockets seem

I give them tat for tit

On every T.V. I'm beamed

Oh what a hit!

I'm living high, loving low

Living on coke and blow.

From Tokyo to Moscow

I am living the dream

Their jaws drop - Wow!

Bigger than life I seem

Every model and every cow

All them equal I deem

They all fight to go down

Can't help but scream.

Sydney to Bangkok

It's all my way

Just some fun, no talk

Anything I wish, I may

Too much? What crock!

Slow down, they say

Life runs fast, tick-tock!

Got to be on stage today.

It's not the side effects of the cocaine

It must be love

Weak in my knees, feeling faint

Angels from above

Each next one eases my pain

My problems they solve

Take one or ten a day

Take a load off!

I'm loving high, feeling low

Freezing to death in the snow.

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