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A poem about addiction, attempted suicide, and pain.


Put the needle in,

Let it wash away my pain,

Do it all again,

And save me the trouble of living life.

He tried, but he cannot seem to find,

Whats left of the man that was inside,

It's over, and he's dying fast,

So he brought out a gun and made it blast.

They hate him for the pain that he still brings,

But they brought the pain and hate to him,

Disgrace of the hand of that once did feed,

It was their shame that made him bleed.

It was not too late,

Death was not his fate anymore,

So will he change his ways,

Or will he wind up back on the floor?

He said, he said he'll never do it again,

To his friends, but where our his friends?

Have they left like everyone to close to him?

There's no way, he won't fall right back in.

And he did, he's right back where he began,

Where he stands not many men still stand,

He's lucky, but he knew his luck could not last,

So he'll try to live, and but he's stuck in the past!

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