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The FALL here describes the period of gloom in the poet's life.
Here it shows that the fall has stayed in his life longer than usual and the poet also indicates the possibility of this monotonic phase to remain forever.
The seasons depict different emotions and feelings.
Summer being a ray of hope.
Spring is of course joy/happiness.
Winter is a period of inactivity.
Rain is a blend of nostalgia and melancholy.

This time, the fall stayed a little longer. Broken are the trees which were once stronger.

New flowers have refused to bloom. Spring will not come any time soon.

The sun looks dull and has taken cover. Appears everyday but, not like summer.

For the wintertide, the earth bereaves. Snowmen melted down mourning for the dead leaves.

The monsoon is upset, cloudless is the sky. Downpour in the inside, outside remains dry.

The branches are desolate, the birds aren't singing. Monotony of seasons is reflected in my inking.

Hope turned into pieces. Hard to stay much stronger. This time the fall stayed a little longer.

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