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tz_chilest poet/writer/designer ig: Tz_Chilest
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Say No to Hard Love


Rumbling was the sound in my heart Hoozing was the noise in my head

My heart becoming so shallow, and My mind falling for the trick

I had spit it out before I could control it Damn! my twisted mouth

Your love came with loads of jealousy So bad that it brings out the devil in me

Envy had began to erupt in me I think am about to explode in pain

Seeing you with another man Brings a hole that can't be filled in my heart

Though you ain't mine yet But I was ready to fight for your love

Squashing anything that stands in my way Eliminating any hindrance that wants to counter our love

People say am mentally down But I call this true love

A love I was ready to fight for A love am willing to die for

You have nowhere to run to For am now your shadow

This love is forever Our love is forever

From Now till my last breathe We Shall stick together

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