Pedophiles and Predators
Pedophiles and Predators childpredatory stories

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Just my thoughts on child predators.

Pedophiles and Predators


Pedophiles and predators.

The threat exists.

Pedophiles and Predators.

They screw with kids just to get their kicks.

Why do you like this? Why is this what you think?

Don't tell me its just, just another kink.

Your wife and kids are home, do they know what you do?

This is so twisted, you know that's true.

This is illegal, what you force onto them.

It may pleasure you, but what you take them from-

A childhood of freedom that could've been theirs.

Instead you've implanted memories, worries and worldly cares.

Trauma you've instilled, enforced amongst someone who should not need to fear.

But I doubt you care, even if these words you hear.

I will not send you to damnation, it is not my place.

But I recommend you fall on you knees, beg for His grace.

So run, back to your child buyers, tell them this if they listen.

For soon, above, down will come the heavens that glisten.

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