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A snowy mountain, above a city near.

It's colder then Everest, so no one goes with fear.

One girl climbed the mountain, her parents hit her every day.

She had no need to fight back, she just wanted to get away.

Up the mountain she climbed, tears falling due to icy wind.

She believed what she was doing meant she had sinned.

The freezing temperatures overtook her body, she crumpled to her knees.

She begged for death, he came with her pleas.

But she did not deserve death, she only wanted to be free.

Death eyes saddened, as he laid his scythe upon a dead tree.

He sat next to the girl, not dead but about to be.

She held out her hand, tears streaming down her face.

He smiled softly, his hand found its place.

She closed her eyes, smiling softly and glad.

Death swaddled her in his cloak, the only thing that he had.

They walked up the mountain, her lifeless body lay

No one knows where she went but death to this very day.

the plague thinks of the girl, crystal tears on her cheek

How could someone so hurt, ever live a life so bleak?

Her body lives on the mountain, flowers sprung from the place.

And Death laid her in a coffin he had made - a golden, adorned case.

He's saddened for her body but she walks this very day.

Beside the great king Death, alive in every way.

Even if on the mountain, her body does lay...

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