Blade by Typeofwriter

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Shes a mutherfluffling double bladed weapon

Blade by Typeofwriter

Her looks were her blade

that stole you away

you found it more addicting then the one you used on your skin

the one numbing your need to fit in

When we first met,

I first felt her blade

the one that killed

and the one that saved.

She will tell you sweet things

and avoid every lie

she will truly become

the apple of your eye.

But do you not see the blade sticking out of my own back?

was I not your first real love?

guess not.

and with every her before me

the more that I bleed

Her looks were her blade

the one that

have already taken you from me

and every time I hold

that plushie you gave me

I will cry

tears you will never see

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