Joseph Damon – Chapter 2
Joseph Damon – Chapter 2 love stories

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Joseph went over to girlfriend house and their interactions are really cute in the eyes of J.

Source: T.Y. Neill

Joseph Damon – Chapter 2

by T.Y. Neill

Looking at Amanda in the kitchen. I felt blessed. To have someone like her. I can be myself around her. I am just another person in this world. All my worries were gone.

I don't have to worry about anything.

"Stop staring at me!" Amanda shouted. " I am going to start charging if you keep staring..."

Other than my mom, Amanda is the only one that has raise her voice at me. I shut my eyes and rest on the couch.

"Do you want to shower first?" Amanda shouted from the kitchen.

I was so sleepy, I just nodded. After a minute or so, "Go.... shower....", Amanda whispered into my face. I opened my eyes, and grab her on to my lap.

I looked into her pretty round face and said: "Move in with me." This is the 1000 times I've asked. and her reply will always be: "Maybe......not.

" I gave a sad face and closed my eyes and lay on her shoulder.

After a while, Amanda stood up and hurried into the kitchen. "Lets eat first then", she laid the plates on the table and hurried me to go over.

After dinner, as she cleaned up, a phone call came. Jerry was awake. I got to go to the hospital. Henry is waiting downstairs already.

I walked towards Amanda and hugged her from the back as she washes the dish. "Are you going to take a shower now J?" Amanda asked.

I gave her a kiss on her soft lips and sigh:" I got to go see my brother in the hospital"

Amanda turned around and pull my hands away from her. "Go on, your brother is waiting." She tried to kiss my forehead, but she is too short. She ended up kissing my nose. She is so adorable.

I bend over and kiss her on her nose and say: "I will come back tonight okay?"

Amanda smile and see me to the door.

To be continued....

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