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tymciver Community member
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I'm new to this but my writing has been growing old . I started writing at a young age and I am now 21 and ready to express myself on a platform. Heres to my first post.


I've finally gotten tired.

I'm tired of being rough.

I wanna relax, and not always have to be so tough.

I'm done holding up a card, that doesn't match my faith,

I want to walk how I talk, without any disgrace.

I'm done building up walls, its time to tear them down.

I'm a real changed woman on the outside, and the one inside is breaking out

No more tumbling, but I'm sure there will be falls

But don't doubt me this time, there will be no more withdrawals.

I'm ready for change, tired of being in the same picture frame,

I'm ready for change, it's gotta start today

No more lookin back, gotta torch the past.

No more looking back, I'm washing my hands with that

Fuck any grudges that have grown in me,

I'm above that now, not tryna go back low

I'm flying with the flow, very high into the sky,

That's what I envision, that's what I decide .

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