December Requiem
December Requiem requiem stories
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A Covid Christmas Day 20!šŸŽ„

December Requiem


Days, nights, wasted away.

Pushing me back into the cold and blowing out my fire,

Dragging me back to that one December day.

Where I lost,

Lost at love, at life, and at happiness.

Defeated, but I still don't know the cause,

All I know, is that I'm just loved a lot less.

Where the Christmas season,

Lights me up with anger, and envy.

Mad at the world, for no reason,

I just want to go home, I don't need your love or your sympathy.

Write out my name, and slap it on a tombstone,

Because I'm pretty sure I've reached the end.

All I'm begging for is some hope,

To get past this December requiem.

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