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A Covid Christmas Day 17!šŸŽ„

Christmas This Year

What's there to wish for,

When I know that I'll never have back what I want?

I don't need any hanging lights or Christmas decor,

To tell the world how much I miss you being gone.

Knowing that you won't be so close anymore,

That you're gone for a long time.

It's hard knowing you won't be there when I knock at your door,

I don't know the next time I'll be happy, but all I know is I won't be fine.

A brother, not by blood,

But by heart.

Even though it's only been five months,

I still can't imagine us so far apart.

I don't know how I'll make it through the new year, or the year after that,

Because it kills me to know that you won't be here.

To the point I don't know if I'll remember when I saw you last,

But what I do know is life won't be the same without you, and having you back is all I want for Christmas this year.

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