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tylersimpkinsss i’m back!!🤠
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A Covid Christmas Day 16!🎄 The 16th was the second year anniversary of me moving from home, and I had a really rough day that day🥲


Where have the last two years gone?

One of them spent in pain, and the other in sickness.

I'm just waiting for the break of dawn,

When the harsh nights are over and life isn't so hit or miss.

January, February, March, and April,

Then came May, June, July, and August.

First four months of 2020 were pretty dull,

Then summer is supposed to be the brightest time of the year, but this year it was the darkest.

September, October, November, December,

The loneliest of holidays.

A good Christmas, I can't even remember,

But I know it won't come this year, with the pandemic in the way.

Honestly I'm tired, I'm ready to give up, and I'm so done,

Because I don't want to relive 2020 on a loop.

So what is there to hope for in 2021?

Why can't we just skip a year, and go straight to 2022?

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