Oh that happy-sadness...
Oh that happy-sadness...  longing stories
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tyler Pretend something clever is here..
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just a little something I had written on my phone..

Oh that happy-sadness...

You make me nervous sometimes,

And its growing to all times,

I'm hopeless in how I feel,

To find these times and hopes aren't real,

I don't even know enough about you,

I can't name much that's true,

Actually I might if I tried,

But I don't know how much of it would be a lie,

Three years, three years of my life,

Now I'm stuck, stuck with why,

A question, that will never find an end,

Because it was never allowed to begin,

So how can I go on, when my heart, cant even start to make amends,

When I can't see how all of these pieces will end,

They are playing out there parts individually in my head,

I watch actions planned and preparation for things said,

But when it matters, oh when it truly matters,

You always leave my life and heart in tatters,

That's the easy thing for you,

It's what you always do,

Protect your heart and guard it for fear you'll feel,

Anything lasting, or anything remotely real,

But your fears only hold you back from happiness,

And you'll never see this in your life of happy-sadness.

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