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tyler Pretend something clever is here..
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Just something for that person I hope is out there..


I dreamed of you once, hair dark with eyes that begged to hold me, you touched my cheek with your palm and I felt the ocean in my spine, waves cresting and breaking to weaken my knees,

you pulled my face close to yours, and I breathed you in, you tasted of watermelon lip balm, and of course you would, such sweet flavors jumping off of you with reckless abandon,

I knew I was yours, and I knew you knew I was, such earth shattering beauty to be associated with being completely and utterly owned,

you whispered to me “hold fast love, we are finger tips away", and then you kissed me on the cheek, forcing my lips into such horrid jealous, for how could your lips exist if not to be on mine,

you smiled as if you knew what I was thinking, and you leaned in, warmth of your breath breaking across my face, and I woke up. Where are you? Who are you?

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