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I see the light although sometimes it feels like im pulling away

My Life

I see the light

although sometimes it feels like im pulling away

I have all the right tools and i continue to start from scratch.

Knowing everything that I've achieved,

I attempt to hop scotch my way to the top

instead of taking the steps

Whenever my petals disappear

I choose to figure it out on my own how to bloom again.

I Can ask for a hand, only to push it away.

With all the weights chained to me

I'm still trying to find other keys

to unlock all the hidden things that only I can see.

So yes, the light that I see

I can grasp for it anytime.

Yet I'm choosing to remove all the weight to feel like a feather floating in the sky

Not a rock slowly crumbling away to lighten itself

Yet, a bird flying through the open skies

feeling the warm hot sun beaming on my feathers as I fly

To feel as if I was a beautiful beach sitting in the warm sand

Listening to the relieving waves of the ocean

and to smile knowing there's nothing to stress over,

To cry knowing I finally made it

Not in the way of success but a way of life

This Life has a hole too deep to see

Hopefully there's a day to confess

to let go and be free

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