Where I Am From

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this is my own version of the poem "Where I'm From" written by George Ella Lyon.

Where I Am From

by tybird

I am from pencil crayons, from Pine-sol and vanilla extract

I am from Husky the Muskie,

the gigantic green fish near the lake.

I am from the cedar tree,

and the sage that we burn.

I am from worn out leather and curly hair,

from Leesha and Laura.

I am from rowdy laughter,

and horrid jokes.

from do this! and stop that!

I am from the broken house

of where I live,

from crying and mourning,

from sad smiles and chaos,

from long grudges,

but silent, "I'm sorry,"

I am from beading and powwows,

from bannock and wild rice.

from the wound

that took my cousin,

and the battle my Kokum lost.

Kokum means grandma in Cree

I am from tired eyes

and staying strong

no matter what.

And in a box in the closet

holds the painful

and happy memories

of where I am from

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@bernardtwindwil thanks, I appreciate it!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Your version or is it an interpretation is thought provoking and well written. The symbolism was strong. It was a beautiful poem.

a year agoReply
@lisa thank you! the original is a beautiful poem

lisaSilver CommaCats
a year agoReply
ooooo i really liked it!! will have to read the original too