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He remembered the way he loved her.


The wind ripped over the lake. Screaming in his ears and ruffling his hair. He pressed the cold glass of the bottle against his cracked lips. It burned. By now he was used to it.

Throat worn away by months of pouring the bitter liquid down his throat in the hopes that one day, it would kill him.

He sat down on by the edge of the lake, a heavy sigh leaving his lips. A soft light reflected off the pearlescent water.

Flickering black and white images of the surrounding trees projected their reflections onto the lake. His fingertips skimmed over the icy liquid.

A soft smile etched itself onto his features as he remembered her.

The way her hair flowed down her back.

The way her laugh ricocheted off of the walls of their tiny apartment.

The way her smile split her face in two when he did something stupid.

He remembered the way he loved her. How he threw himself at it with his whole being. The way he held her each night, her small body cocooned in his arms.

A tear rolled down his face as he remembered the way the looked when he caught her. Not in the slightest bit remorseful, only guilty, tangled in the arms of a lover that wasn’t him.

The ice of the water pierced his skin. The heavy bag on his back weighing him down as the freezing water roared into his lungs with each breath, each step.

He closed his eyes to the dark water surrounding him. His throat was tight, lungs screaming, body gasping for air only to be met by the water of the lake.

Sudden arms wrapped around his body, heaving him towards the surface. His lungs sobbed in relief, air flooding his throat.

His eyes fluttered open as he lay on the ground, blue sky littered with delicate clouds filling his vision.

He coughed suddenly, violently, forcing him up as he expelled the water from his lungs.

A girl’s soft voice filled his ears, “Sir? Sir? Can you hear me? Are you alright?” His hand came up to caress her supple one which was carefully holding his. His eyes flicked to meet hers.

Worry ebbed away from her face as he made signs of consciousness.

He let his eyes close. Breathing deeply, he filled his lungs with the sweet air. Despite the bitter cold that was seeping in through his damp clothes, her warmth filled his mind.

“I’ll be alright. Just give me some time.”

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