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A fiery young woman forces her way into a destiny that isn't her own.

Tya sat back on an unmade bed, smoothing the dark red fabric of her dress out over her legs.

She drew her hair over her shoulder, allowing her fingertips to first find their way through it, disentangling knots they came across.

When they reached the tips that pooled in her lap, she began again, this time with a brush.

As her brush glided through, catching itself occasionally in tangles that had constructed in her tossing and turning the previous night, her mind wandered toward her open window…

It was a lovely day, though that wasn't unusual. It was rarely a bad day in Skyloft- the weather was almost always beautiful. But today it was somewhat lucky, given it was the Wing Ceremony.

Nature did have a way of disrupting mortal's plans, but fortunately it allowed the events of the day to be left untouched by its wrath.

Tya was no knight, so of course she wouldn't be participating in the ceremony, but she did plan on watching.

She was merely acquainted with the four contestants, but the girl playing the Goddess, Zelda, was a friend.

And Tya did look forward to seeing what beautiful things the fellow blonde had cooked up to make her day so much more special.

Having woken up a bit later than expected, Tya rushed to ready herself, though it wasn't exactly needed.

She was to meet Zelda just before the Ceremony anyway- Zelda had planned to meet a friend of hers, Link, before hand.

Her rushing served her well, getting her prepared in enough time that meant she would be able to take her time on her way down to the plaza.

When she stepped foot into the open air of Skyloft, closing her door behind her, she couldn't help but pause and revel in the feel of the coolness on her skin.

She was always hot, but the wind up there had a way of calming her temperature– or at least balancing it.

She lingered with each step, ice blue gaze venturing around her surroundings. Occasionally resting on a citizen, or a remlit, or even making it to the sky to see the Loftwings circling the city.

She didn't live far from the plaza, so the walk was short, even with her taking her time like she was.

It wasn't a surprise that she went unnoticed by the three that had already taken their place there. She was quiet– unassuming even.

Something which she didn't quite mind, too much attention often made her anxious.

She'd stepped to the edges of the land, preparing to peer over the edge at the barrier of clouds beneath… It was a curious thing, those clouds.

They never parted, and from there they looked so solid, and yet things would often fall over the edge and be lost within them.

As a child, she'd been told legends about what lay beneath– an ancient world known as The Surface. But that was all it was- legends. Still, legends or not, they did hold her interest quite often.

Before her attention could be drawn to its intended spot, she was distracted by the three others in the plaza.

She'd been taught that it was rude to eavesdrop, but that didn't stop her from doing it.

Quiet steps were taken around the edge, bringing her to the wooden addition that the people of Skyloft would leap off of to mount their Loftwings.

"…You know, Groose, that sure was a pain, what with all the scratching and pecking…" Tya heard.

She paused in her steps, taking a brief look back to see who all it was in he small group of three.

Of course, she was not surprised to find that it was Groose and his two hencmen, Stritch and Cawlin… Mere acquaintances of hers,

but she knew of the things the three of them did– the lows that Groose would stoop to in order to get Zelda's attention.

Being a friend of hers, meant she'd hear the complaints Zelda often had about the foolish things Groose would do.

Zelda often said if Groose would only stop trying so hard, she may give him a chance. But the fool never caught on to that hint, and likely wouldn't unless he was explicitly told this.

"Course it was. Ya thought a big Crimson Loftwing like that was gonna go down without a fight?" Groose scoffed in return.

The oaf may have only been an acquaintance to Tya, but she knew well enough that neither he nor his lackeys were chosen by a Crimson Loftwing. No, those were rare.

The only one she'd seen in her short lifetime was the one that had chosen Link.

"But we got him, and I don't care how tough those birds are supposed to be. He's not getting out of that pen anytime soon, boys.

" Groose finished, causing the girl to furrow her brow as she thought.

Even if he was the companion of a Crimson Loftwing,

locking it in a pen and using the phrase 'going down without a fight' was a sign that something was not right about the situation… She didn't doubt Groose was attempting

some harebrained scheme to get ahead of Link in this race…

She'd admit, she cared little for who won or lost the race, she only knew it was invigorating to watch it.

But if it wasn't the cheating that aggravated her it was the mistreatment of a bird… Something she certainly wouldn't stand around and allow.

Tya turned on her heel, and as she approached she finally gained the attention of the three.

Golden gaze found its way to her, and Groose swept the hands of his company off his shoulders as he got to his feet.

Groose practically towered over Tya, and on any other occasion she would have backed down, easily… But she had a temper,

and one easy way to push it was unnecessary harm toward an innocent animal…

"It's kinda rude to butt into business that isn't yours." Thick arms crossed over a broad chest, and Groose cocked his head to the side as he looked the smaller over.

"It's also quite rude to cheat, is it not? I'm assuming that's why you'd go so low as to harm an animal.

" Though Tya's voice relayed courage, her body language submitted to the narrowed golden gaze upon her.

Her head was down, and her hands clasped at her front, but her eyes were turned upward, locked with Groose's.

"Hey, we didn't harm anything. If anything, we did that pile of feathers a favor– it doesn't have to deal with Link today."

"I believe dealing with a dimwit like yourself is a much worse fate." Tya's retort was spit quickly, head tilting upward quickly and defensively.

Needless to say, Groose took offense to such a thing, but had no time to act on it.

A short gasp was heard behind him, and he turned to find the reason for it, and Tya peaked passed him only to see Link not far from the group.

"Link– Uh.. How long you been standin' there?" Groose nudged passed his two companions, uncrossing his arms and reaching up to adjust his hair as if he was attempting to retain a suave composure.

"I hardly see how that matters. Whether he heard anything or not, you should have 'dealt with' me when you had the chance…" Tya stepped around him, taking herself to Link's side.

Lips curled up into a look of disgust as Groose watched each step the small blonde took. "Why'd you come over here anyway? What's your problem, Link? Oh– wait wait, I got it.

You're here to talk about today's race, eh? I can see it in those dopey eyes of yours.

They're just pleading, 'Oh, G-G-Groose, can you p-p-p-lease find it in your heart to l-l-let me win today?

Please!' You're just desperate to win so you can get some alone time with Zelda up on the Statue of the Goddess.

Well, sorry, pal. Groose doesn't do charity for wimps. My advice? Work hard and wish with all your heart. You might even come in second!" Groose paused, only to laugh.

Whether his words were truly amusing or not, seeing him laugh queued his two followers to join in.

"…Say, come to think of it, how come I don't see your bird? Where is that scruffy pile of red feathers? Can't imagine what coulda happened to him.

Do you think his tiny brain got confused by all the clouds and he got lost?"

Tya opened her mouth to speak, but before she got the chance, Link simply responded with "Nice hair".

The manner in which the comment was said was so calm it was almost impossible not to see it as a sarcastic compliment.

It was said so confidently, as well, making it clear Link knew exactly what he was doing.

"You lay off my do right now, or I'll flatten you.

Everyone knows I've got the slickest pompadour in town-" his look of confidence quickly faded to a serious one, and he took a step closer as if he was attempting to be a threat.

"You know, we're all getting tired of how you never let anyone forget you and Zelda go way back. You've been friends since you were kids? Big deal.

It doesn't change the fact that you float through life with your head in the clouds.

Would you wake up, straighten up, and grow a backbone already? Dopes like you are dragging our honored academy through the mud." Groose spat, preparing to take another step closer.

But that came to a halt when the sound of a familiar voice caught the group.

"And just who might you be talking about, Groose?"

"Oh…Zelda. Hey. Nah, it's…uh… "

"Don't even try it, Groose! You're picking on Link again, aren't you? He's a student at the academy, just like all of us.

Why do you insist on bullying him around so much?" Zelda's scolding hit him, and he suddenly melted into a puppy, head bowed, shoulders raised and a look of shame on him.

"Yeah… I suppose…-"

"You suppose? Suppose what?"

"I… suppose… You… Uh…" The words almost fell out, but Groose caught himself before they had the chance. Straightening back up to regain that composure of self-satisfaction, he shook his head.

"Pfft! Forget it. I wasn't supposing anything, Okay? Okay, c'mon, we're outta here, boys. Later Link. Hope you find your bird, else you're gonna have to sit out today's race.

" Motioning for his two to follow him, Groose hastily began off.

"Jealousy is almost as bad a look on you as that 'pompadour'." Tya uttered as the redhead began off. She knew he heard her, because he paused in his steps and cast a quick glare back at her.

She didn't doubt there would have been more of a reaction if it weren't for Zelda's presence…

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