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this is what you wanted, right?

New People

After the breakup

You wanted us

To see new people

So we did

We found them

In different ways

But there are some

Striking similarities

They’re always willing to listen

And help us solve our problems

They make us nervous

Sick in the stomach

But in the end

We feel better after seeing them

We are terrified of becoming dependent

On them

We know we’ll probably walk away

Because being vulnerable

Scares us

Almost as much

As we terrify ourselves

Their ears lack judgement

In the way others epitomize it

And they help us calm down

Even when nothing seems like it could ever be okay again

We feel comfortable enough with them

To tell them our secrets

And they keep them

We hope

They promise they’ll be there forever

That they’ll support us

No matter how badly we fail

But deep down we know

There will be another goodbye

And we will find new people again

They say they want to enrich our lives

Make them better

And with their words

Filling up the emptiness in us

They do

Our new people are different, though

He gets your love

Mine gets my money

You got a boyfriend

I got a therapist

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