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edit: there were a few tense issues that commaful didn't save somehow but they're fixed now! sorry about that!


you are a fortress

walls built so high

they can only be crossed

by a few dedicated

a stray traveler

drifts towards you

she is wary

but wants to see

what lives in the walls

with a notebook in hand

she begins to map your maze

the walls shift constantly

getting through is a battle

what she sees keeps her going

she falls in love

with the glimpses

of what is inside

the traveler continues for months

she fights the demons in her head

but they still draw blood

with what you saw of her

you too

fall in love

with the traveler

you begin to let some walls down

she gets closer

and closer

she thinks she is almost inside


more walls materialize

the maze grows more complex

she keeps going

keeps writing in her book

the solution is somewhere

she has to keep going

she will find you

she will fix you

she will save you

but you won't let her

four walls

you keep her in a box

she will come no closer

you decide

and you move her box away

until she is outside the fortress entirely


you grant her a window

so she can see


how far away from you

she really is

there is nothing in the box

just her

alone with her thoughts


another person enters

the traveler is dying

of starvation

of thirst

of guilt

her journey has beaten her

blisters cover her feet

her notebook is full

she has nothing left to give

the new person

is cold



they kneel next to the girl

and put their hands around her neck

suffocating her

your traveler dies

her ghost haunts your corridors

you want her to go

but she won’t

instead i am here

the murderer

i took your girl

why don’t you hate me?

why do you treat me

as if i am her?

i am not

your traveler

your pitiful traveler

wants to come back

to get rid of me


but i have hardly lived


i am her

i am the traveler

i am the girl you loved

but i have grown up

my faith

in childish things

like love

no longer exists

it is all a lie,

my fortress

letting the old me come back

would be cruel

she would start again

to find you

and she would again




i must take her away

i gave myself concussions

on the walls you built against me

so now

i will live

in the outer corridors

of you

i am contempt here

for i have watched

another version

of me


in your fortress

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