The Depression series: Sunday.
The Depression series: Sunday. spoken words stories

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the feeling of a Sunday

The Depression series: Sunday.

The sun entering my room

breaking through my window without permission

like bullets breaking through the air as they own it

reflecting on my walls, as beautiful as it gets

just reminding me of the things that I am missing,

while I am crawling in my bed made of unchanged sheets and remorse a wet pillow to collect my tears

and my exhausted mind to hate the intruder

that tries to light up the darkness without the real intention to save me from it.

I wish night time could come earlier

to mirror what's inside me

to show the sky without stars

as dark as the night can get

as dark as the city sky that reflect the artificial lights of the streets with no lights of his own.

All my life I have been scared of the dark

but now I fear the beauty of the light

because it cannot be mine

and I cannot own it.

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