The Percabeth Chronicles: The Parent's In Law
The Percabeth Chronicles: The Parent's In Law percabeth stories
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Read: The Percabeth Chronicles: Percy's Proposal

The Percabeth Chronicles: The Parent's In Law

Read "The Percabeth Chronicles: Percy's Proposal" before reading this.

Annabeth wasn't nervous. She and Percy were on their way to Sally Jackson and Paul Blofis's place to tell them about their engagement.

Percy was super psyched to see his sister and parents again and Annabeth was excited too. This was one interaction that was going to go just right.

"I'm so excited to tell them! To be honest, I'm pretty sure my mom is expecting this." Percy said. Annabeth smiled at him. "I wouldn't be surprised.

She's one of the most intuitive people I've met." Percy gripped her hand and the two of them stepped onto the subway. "I cannot wait to see Estelle again!" Percy said happily.

Annabeth smiled. "I can't wait to see your mom again. It's been a while." Percy laughed. "It's been two weeks!" Annabeth squeezed his hand. "Felt like longer."

Percy smirked at her. "Hey, are you in love with my mom or me?!"

"Do I have to pick?"

Percy laughed and kissed her on the cheek. He was super happy that Annabeth already had a good relationship with his mom. They wouldn't have to deal with any of the in-law drama.

The subway was pretty crowded so Annabeth and Percy didn't talk anymore. They just sat, basking in each other's happiness.

They reached the door of Sally and Paul's apartment and Percy knocked on the door. Paul opened the door. "Percy! Annabeth! I didn't know you guys would be visiting.

Weren't you two supposed to be at camp for the rest of the summer?"

"Chiron's given the adults more freedom. We're allowed to have weekends out and we decided to visit you guys." Percy said. He gave Annabeth a sideways look.

They both wanted to keep their engagement a surprise for the moment. Paul ushered them inside and yelled "Sally! The kids are here!"

Annabeth glowed with pride at being called a "kid" by Paul. They were both adults and Annabeth wasn't a blood relation, but she felt part of the family already.

When Percy was missing, Sally became one of her strongest supports. Sure, her friends were great at cheering her up. But Sally just understood how Annabeth felt at that time.

And now Annabeth and Sally were good friends.

Sally walked down the stairs with baby Estelle in her arms. Both Percy and Annabeth silently cursed themselves for coming when it was Estelle's bedtime.

But Sally and Paul were smiling so everything seemed fine. "Hi, Percy. Hi, Annabeth. What are you two doing here?"

Percy swooped up to Estelle and his mom and kissed them both on the cheek. "Can't I say hello to my wonderful mother and amazing sister?" Sally laughed and ruffled Percy's hair. "Yes of course.

But why is Annabeth here?"

Annabeth stepped forward. "We all know I only hang around Percy to see you." Everybody laughed and they moved into the living room where they all sat around the table.

Paul went into the kitchen to get some soda.

"So how are you guys?" Sally asked, tucking some gray hair behind her ear. "Pretty good!" Percy said. Annabeth smiled. "Very good thanks."

Sally smiled to see the two of them so happy. "That's great. Did anything interesting happen recently?" Paul came in with the soda and both Pery and Annabeth opened a can of coke and took a sip.

They didn't want to spoil the surprise yet.

But Sally was very perceptive and could tell that something was up. "What's up? Are you two hiding something?" Percy and Annabeth looked at each other. "Maybe a tiny something," Percy said.

"Just the tiniest thing," Annabeth added.

A mother's intuition is a powerful thing. Sally could tell something was up and she wanted to find out. "If the world is ending, just tell me.

If the cosmos is about to be ripped apart, I want to know. If Percy needs to disappear for months at a time, I need a heads-up!"

This was a kick to the ribs to Percy. He had left his mother for nine months to fight Gaea. Every summer since he went to camp, he had gone on a dangerous quest.

The minute he stepped into the camp boundaries, his mother had been taken. There were so many things he had hidden from his mom, and he didn't want to betray her trust again.

So Percy looked at Annabeth lovingly and she nodded. Percy took her hand and the two of them showed Sally and Paul her ring. "Meet the future Annabeth Jackson," Percy said.

Tears formed in Sally's eyes. She ran up to them and gave them both a hug.

"You have made me the happiest woman in the entire world!" She then realized hat she had said and her eyes started to sparkle. "Besides Annabeth or course." Both Percy and Annabeth laughed.

But then Sally's eyes knit together. "But aren't you two a little young?"

Annabeth and Percy looked at each other. "Mom. We've been through so much together age doesn't matter." Percy said. "And we're going to wait a year. When we're 20."

This was news to Percy. "We are?" Annabeth nodded. "We are. No fighting it." Percy and Sally laughed. Bob smiled. "Watch out Percy! You'll end up like me! Married to a strong woman. Tragic.

" Sally slapped his arm. "Whatever."

Annabeth laughed and Percy put his arm around her. "Anyways. We wait until 20 just so we know we're certain." Annabeth said.

"And so Estelle can be the flower girl?" Percy asked. Sally and Paul looked at Annabeth. "Of course she can!" Annabeth said.

"She's the only little girl I know, and she'll be adorable in a cute little dress." Sally nodded happily.

Paul smiled. "I can't tell you how proud we are." Sally nodded. "It's immeasurable. And we both wish the happiest for you."

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