The Knights of the Freshman Class (Chapter 4)
The Knights of the Freshman Class (Chapter 4) extraordinary stories

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Some teens play video games. Some go on quests. Some hide in castles. But these five ordinary teenagers will soon learn what's good and evil, what rules were made to be broken, and how to become extraordinary

The Knights of the Freshman Class (Chapter 4)

Felix walked outside with cautious steps. He had no clue what was waiting for him.

There was no way he would be able to use a sword effectively because this wasn't a video game!

Sure he could move the mouse around to destroy pixelated enemies but not real people/animals/wizards.

The trees had twisty shapes and were barren of leaves. Almost like a haunted wood in fairytales or fantasy books. But Felix shoved that thought away.

He wasn't going to scare himself while he was walking to an already scary thing.

He turned the corner and saw a boy a little older than him with brown hair and eyes on a white horse. Behind him was a wooden carriage with a single trunk tied to the top.

"Oh thank Aurela," the stranger said. "Do you know where a wizard is? A wizard named Silvano? Can usually be found around these parts and has an orange belt pouch?"

Felix didn't know what to do so he just drew his sword. He thought of how his favorite knights would have addressed the situation. "State your name and reason for looking for Silvano.

If I deem it acceptable I'll show you where he is."

The stranger raised his eyebrow. "You're holding the sword wrong, your clothes are extremely strange and your accent isn't Aurelean, Riannan, Livincon, or any other kingdom from around here.

I think it'd be better if you state your name and reason for knowing where Silvano is."

The two boys glared at each other for a couple of seconds but then they both burst out laughing.

"This is stupid," the stranger said. "I'm a scientist, not a warrior. My name is Prince Theodore Maxillium Octavion Alexander Tirellum of Aurela but you can call me Theo."

Felix bowed and straightened again. "I'm Felix Markson. Why are you looking for Silvano?" Theo scratched the back of his head and dismounted the horse.

"Follow me," he said. Theo led Felix to the carriage. The windows were covered with black curtains and there was a lock on the door. Whatever was in there was extremely protected.

Theo unlocked the door and laying there was a beautiful girl with golden hair in a pretty style. Her tiara was a little askew and hung down one side of her pale face.

"Wow," Felix said.

"I know right!" Theo said. The two of them looked at her for a minute.

"Is she a princess or something?" Felix asked. Her dress seemed very expensive and she wore a tiara.

"Or something!" Theo yelled. "That is Princess Celeste Elizabetha Adelheid Winnifred Lemare of the kingdom Rianna. She's 14 years old and is the eldest child of Dimitri and Theresa Lemare.

So yeah. She's a princess or something."

Felix laughed again. "You have her family memorized? And all of her middle names?" He was pretty sure Theo had a crush on her but he wasn't certain.

Theo blushed. "Us royals have to know almost everything about the other royal children of our age. For marriage alliances and such. She probably knows all of my middle names and my parents too."

That was very interesting to Felix.

What would it be like to have people your parents expect you to marry? And what would it be like to have to memorize those people's middle names and their parent's names?

It seemed extremely controlling and honestly a little creepy.

"The thing is Celeste is magically sick. She was shot in the heart by a blast of magic. We need a wizard to wake her up and help her," Theo said

Felix's eyes widened. A purple blast of magic.

Like the one Luke made? If the video game was a gateway, was it possible everything they did in Knights, Dragons, and Heroes translated into this world?

And if not, what made the Calyxir bush different?

"She's in a coma," Theo said. "We should probably hurry." Felix nodded and the two of them saddled the horse with Theo holding the reigns and Felix navigating.


The two of them reached the mouth of the cave. Silvano stayed in the shadows but Evangelie and Luke ran up to them.

"So you went off with a sword and came back with a guy, a carriage, a trunk, and a horse. Might I ask the story behind this?" Evangelie asked sarcastically.

Theo stared at her. "Your friend has turquoise colored hair. Might I ask the story behind that?"

Evangelie rolled her eyes and tossed her hair. Luke gave Theo a smirk and started sizing him up.

Felix had been friends with Luke long enough to know that whenever someone more handsome, more confident, or more talented than him came along, Luke immediately felt threatened.

Felix and Theo dismounted. Theo bowed to all of them. "I can explain. I am Prince Theodore Maxillium Octavion Alexander Tirellum of the kingdom Aurela, Theo for short. I'm 16 years old."

Evangelie glared at Theo, still jilted about the comment on her hair, and said, "I'm Evangelie Gold. I'm 15 and my hair is turquoise because I want it to be. Deal with it."

Luke laughed and bowed in a mocking way to Theo. "Luke Hansen. I'm 14 and was the one who dared Evangelie to dye her hair turquoise. Didn't think she'd actually keep it."

Theo looked at both of them strangely and decided to continue with the story. "I was recently sent on a quest to prove my worth.

I made it my sworn mission to help Princess Celeste because she is in a coma from a magic strike. I'm looking for a wizard named Silvano in hopes he can heal her."

Evangelie and Luke stepped to the side so Silvano could walk forward. He walked forward swishing his purple robe with a hand on his fanny pack. "I am Silvano."

Felix walked over to him. "Silvano, the princess is sick. I know you probably have some vendetta with the royals because of the wizard treaty but I think you should help her.

I mean, kindness and all that."

Luke started chuckling. "Felix. You sound sappy. Back down." Evangelie laughed too. But Theo stayed serious and pleading.

Silvano walked up to Theo who knelt at Silvano's feet. "Please, sir. Even if you are mad at the royals, please help her."

Silvano laughed. "Don't kneel and of course I'll help her. Half of the reasons the Royals are mad at me are my fault." He swooped out of the cave towards the carriage.

Silvano pulled a wand out of his fanny pack and opened the lock on the door. With a flick of his wand, he levitated Celeste out of the carriage.

They all watched as Silvano worked his magic. It was the first time Felix had seen any magic in this world and he was awestruck. He watched as Silvano made a bed for Celeste and set her down.

They crowded around the bed and watched as Silvano started to chant with his wand.

"Magike dialuse. Apheste ten kardia tes. Expergiscimini, et languorem valedixit et dimiserunt. Strike of magic, be gone!" Silvano yelled.

Celeste sat up fast. Everyone except Felix backed away so the first face Celeste saw was Felix's.


Felix stepped back a little. "Whoa whoa whoa. Calm down. You were in a coma and now you're awake. Do you remember the magic strike? The one that hit you?"

Celeste pressed her fingers to her temples. "Oh, my stars. I was shot by magic."

They watched as Celeste started to remember. Theo stared at her curiously, Luke with interest, Evangelie with a calculating stare, and Felix with kindness.

Silvano, however, sat in the back corner not even looking at any of them. He seemed older and more drained than before.

Luke sat next to him and started to talk while Felix, Theo, and Evangelie looked at Celeste.

"I'm Prince Theodore, Theo for short," Theo said with a small bow.

"I'm Evangelie Gold," Evangelie said with a smirk and a toss of her hair. "And the wizard that healed you is Silvano."

Felix waved to Celeste. "I'm Felix. And you're Celeste yadda yadda bunch of middle names Lemare."

Theo started to laugh while Evangelie glared at the two of them.

"This poor girl," Evangelie began, "Just woke up from a coma and you're making jokes about her middle name. Honestly, Felix, I expected better from you.

" Felix nodded, humbled, but Evangelie wasn't done. "And you Theo. You are a prince with way too many middle names as well and I expected much better from you.

Luke and Felix get a pass because they are known idiots but you have no excuse at all!" Her cheeks were turning red like they did when she was angry.

She tossed her turquoise hair and looked again at Celeste.

Felix did feel a little ashamed. But he didn't mean to hurt Celeste's feelings! He really wasn't used to talking to girls other than Evangelie. And Evangelie could take a hit and throw a punch.

He wasn't sure about the princess though. He probably should be a little softer for now. Until he learned more about her.

Felix watched as Celeste scooted closer to Evangelie with pointed looks at both of the boys. It was clear she had made a friend and found two enemies.

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