The Knights of the Freshman Class (Chapter 2)
The Knights of the Freshman Class (Chapter 2) fantasy stories

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Some teens play video games. Some go on quests. Some hide in castles. But these five ordinary teenagers will soon learn what's good and evil, what rules were made to be broken, and how to become extraordinary.

The Knights of the Freshman Class (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

"Luke are you insane!" Evangelie yelled into the headset. The potion made a blast of purple light that sprayed across the screen in a circle.

"What the heck have you done! It took us three weeks to reach this level, how dare you!"

Luke rolled his eyes. "It's going to be fine, Evangelie. It just made a reaction. Nothings going to go wrong."

But something was about to go wrong. Because right by the potion a Wizard appeared. The three of them watched the screen nervously. He looked at the three characters and started to cast a spell.

"Well this isn't good," Felix said. Evangelie sighed. The problem with having boys for friends was how obvious they could be.

Of course, Evangelie had girlfriends too. Katie, Ria, and Zoe were some of her best friends ever. But hanging out with Felix and Luke was awesome too.

With Katie, Ria, and Zoe she could paint her nails and do her hair and with Luke and Felix, she could play video games and eat Cheetos. It was a healthy balance.

They looked at the Wizard and watched as runes and symbols flew around him. Purple streams of magic swirled around him, the same color as the potion, and shot into the sky.

It made a cyclone of purple in the game.

The Wizard looked up, but not at the characters. Directly at the screen. Evangelie cocked her head. Why would he do that? He pointed the scepter at the screen and started to chant louder.

"Kalesa tous xenous se mena! Et advenae Romani veni foras! I am in need of your assistance!" He yelled.

And then everything went black.


Evangelie woke up in a cave with Luke and Felix across the room. "What the-"

She looked at Luke and Felix and screamed. They were slumped down with their eyes closed and Luke had a black eye.

"OH MY GO-" Just as she was about to finish her sentence, a man clapped his hand over her mouth. "Stay silent. We can't let anyone find us."

The man stepped into view. "Wizards aren't exactly welcome in public. Not to mention the warrant for my arrest."

Evangelie stared at him. "You're a wizard?" He wasn't like other wizards Evangelie had read about. He didn't have a flowing beard or white hair and he wasn't thin or frail.

This wizard was on the pudgy side with brown hair in a ponytail with a purple robe and sandals. The weirdest thing of all was the fanny pack around his middle. Bright orange with a square pocket.

"Unfortunately so. My name is Silvano. Am I right to assume you are Evangelie Gold?" Silvano said.

Evangelie gave a weak nod. "Yes, I am. Where am I?" She looked outside the mouth of the cave and gasped.

A purple dragon soared in the sky. A stone castle towered over a forest with green trees. Knights fenced on the field near the castle.

And she could've sword she saw a healing well like the ones in Knights, Heroes, and Dragons.

"Well, we call this kingdom Rianna. But to you, this is just a video game." Silvano said.

Evangelie's eyes widened. "Do you mean we're inside Knights, Heroes, and Dragons?" Silvano scratched his head.

"Is that what you call the gateway? I haven't been back to your world since the '90s." He said with a questioning look.

"You've been to earth? Our world?" Evangelie asked. Silvano laughed.

"Why of course! I would be a shoddy gatekeeper if I didn't. I particularly love your music. The Beatles are absolute wonders." Silvano said. "Now Evangelie I need you to listen.

I am a gatekeeper between your world and mine. To keep them separate and safe. But sometimes the gateway, a video game in your case, will get into the hands of people on one side.

And this time, you three found it. Now after I brought you three this world, I lost track of the gateway again. And I need your help to get it." Silvano said.

Evangelie's jaw dropped. But her awe was interrupted by Luke saying, "Is that a dragon?"

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