Piper and Jason Headcanon
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Piper and Jason from Percy Jackson Headcanon!

Piper and Jason Headcanon

When Piper was 13 she was walking around the streets of California. Her dad was at a movie shoot and Jane had dropped her off here so Jane could leave to meet her boyfriend.

Piper was all on her own. She walked the streets of Berkeley and realized she had been walking for miles and had forgotten where Jane told her to meet her.

She had started to panic when a boy with blonde hair, startling blue eyes and a scar on his lip walked up to her. "Hey you look lost." He said. Piper nodded. "I am.

I forgot where I needed to meet-" she paused. She didn't want this kid to know she was the daughter of a movie star. "My aunt Jane." He smiled. "No worries.

Describe the place to me and I will probably know where it is." He held out his hand to shake in a formal way. "I'm Jason." Piper shook his hand. "Piper."

She described the place to him and he took her there. They had a wonderful time and joked and talked like old friends.

When Jason had his memories wiped, Hera stole that memory from Piper too so that she might not recognize the boy she met in Berkeley.

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