I need to rant for like, five minutes.
I need to rant for like, five minutes. desperately stories

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I'm a freaking policeman for these online peeps.

I need to rant for like, five minutes.

I and my friends don't have any drama in school. But online I'm like a freaking police officer for all of my friends!

Here's the tea.

My friend online, Eponine, stole some art and code from somebody. She has apologized for this multiple times but still won't give the person credit.

Some random person whom Eponine stole code and art from started cyberbullying Eponine for it.

Random: I reported you to scratch!

Eponine: You're a bully and I don't care.

Random: Have fun being banned.

Eponine: I've already been banned for trying to educate people about mental illness.

Random: You shouldn't steal art. I know you "apologized" but you still won't give credit to the people you stole from.

Eponine: Stop talking to me.

Random: lol k

Eponine: Your lol's aren't cute and they look like someone drowning.

Random: That's kinda stupid.

That's an example of the conversation.

Now my friend might leave scratch and this Random is being harassed and I don't know whether to back up my friend or feel sorry for Random because Eponine's followers are attacking her.

What should I do? HELP! SOS!

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