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twistedthoughts writing is my escape from reality
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As someone who was a victim of rape i felt i needed to share my story. to those of you still struggling with daily life just know we all have each other to lean on! We cant let them win. We must always Fight!


They hold her down, after pushing her to the ground

Her screaming and crying does nothing, there's no one else around.

She thought she could trust them

Always thought she could

It didn't matter though, nothing would.

The cold creeps in, her body numb

The fight is done and so are they.

They leave in a hurry nothing left to do or say

She cries and sobs and tries to hold herself together.

How could they do this?

She wants the images to stop

Doesn't want to remember.

She tries to be brave and get home as fast as she can,

she runs and runs, everything feels numb.

she hopes she can last.

She gets to the door and wipes her tears, shes home now there's nothing to fear.

she pretends to be fine, she pretends to act normal

she walks quickly to her room, passing mom saying a quick "hi" sounding to formal.

she holds it all in as she always does. buries her emotions deep

she tells herself not to weep.

she must be strong for herself and the ones she loves.

The pain, the hate, grow inside like a cancer

There's nothing left of her just pain, no answer.

The memory and pain still remain

She wishes it would go away , wishes it wouldn't stay.

Just a shadow in everyday life

trying to be a better person, a good mother, a great wife.

Days pass by as do years

some days are good some are filled with tears.

she has to be strong though

she wont ever give in

she wont let them get to her, she will not let them win!

Now maybe one day the pain will go away and she can finally be happy

she will finally be OKAY.

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