Twisted Ecstasy
Twisted Ecstasy sad stories

twisted old thoughts of mine - new coming soon
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warning: very long but worth it

Twisted Ecstasy

I've been falling asleep hyperventilating the past few nights

because you are my everything and anything

you are the light while I'm the dark

you're the sunlight shining through the window in my room

you're the laugh that escapes out of the back of my throat

you're the chill that runs down my spine when I hear a good song

you're my real smile

you're my good decisions

you're the good in every single thing

and now suddenly..

every single one of those things are missing

and I am alone

I don't have that sunlight or that laugh

I don't get chills

I have no more real smiles or good decisions

I just have empty promises and a desperate voice and a smokers cough

and I would give up every single tomorrow to have one yesterday with you

on the beach in the dark with your hands around my waist

and the taste of your lips against mine

and your laugh ringing in my ears that are filled with the mist of the ocean

but it seems like all you're about is moving on

and I'm trying to be tough like you know I can be

but I'm just weak

because the only thing that made me strong was you and you're gone

the voices in my head have been saying two things since you left:

"don't cry"


"kill yourself"

and normally I'd use your words and your dimples when you smile to push them away

but you're nowhere to be found

and neither are my clean wrists

come back to me before I'm gone for good

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