New World
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New World

by twisted

I climbed out of the deep hole I was in for so many years

my hands and knees in the dirt surrounding it

the sun hit my face

I could hear the birds chirping in the swaying trees around me

I got up, brushing the soil off my palms

walking away from the dark hole

my pale skin already tanning

the people I passed as I strolled through town were smiling

welcoming me to this new world

then I saw him

standing there right in front of me

his right hand outstretched, reaching for mine

the goofy smile on his face made me feel as if it was okay

everything was okay looking into his beautiful eyes

I stuck my hand out and grabbed his

and felt an immediate shock run throughout my entire body

the spark I saw when our hands collided was something I had never witnessed before

we just stood there, right next to each other

our fingers intertwined, allowing the electricity to surge through our beings

for the first time in my life

I felt a cool breeze on my neck and could hear the sounds of the world around me

kids squealing

birds singing

and I had him

in that moment the world seemed to fall into place

I had everything I'd always wanted right there in front of me

hand in hand

he and I walked back to the hole where I was once living, my home for years on end

I peered in

eyes darting around to find something in the darkness, but failing

without a warning

he released my hand and shoved me back into the dreaded place I swore I'd never go back to

leaving me with a taste in my mouth of what could have been

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