New World II
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New World II

by twisted

I open my eyes to find myself dangling

my hand is latched onto a rock on the wall of the deep pit

I can't see anything

but I manage to pull myself up, looking at the distant light over my head

after days of climbing

the distant light becomes a reality instead of a hope

a hand extends towards me

narrow fingers, nails bitten down

I glanced up, looking at the face behind the calloused hand

and smiled

for it felt as if I was home

my mother always told me

"you'll know he's the one when hugging him feels like coming home"

and, because of those words, in that instant

I knew I was safe, and that the beautiful taste of reality I had days ago was just the beginning

I got pulled up out of the darkness, my old home

and pulled into a tight embrace

I looked at the face of my unknown savior

nostalgia rushed through me

despite seeing his beautiful face for the first time, I felt as if I had known him all my life

"you're safe,"

the man said

I knew that already

I was in the arms of the one

I felt crazy, as if I was going insane

how could I trust another man

when the last had thrown it all away?

yet again

the cool breeze caused goosebumps on the back of my neck

kids were squealing

birds were chirping

and for some reason

nothing mattered, not even the one who had betrayed me earlier

because I knew my new savior was different

and I smiled

because I was home

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