New Beginning
New Beginning abusive relationship stories

twisted old thoughts of mine - new coming soon
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moving on from one to another

New Beginning

by twisted

I was abandoned by you from the very start

I thought I was yours and you were mine eternally just like you promised over and over

little did I know that you were a ghost the entire time, using your little tricks and twists to keep me hooked

a year and a half of my precious time, simply wasted on your twisted idea of love

I thought you were my home

but home isn't how I felt with you: that rumbling in my veins when you were around, that pounding in my heart when I heard your name, that shaking in my hands when your name appeared on my phone

I thought I would never bounce back never find myself again after what you'd done to me

but I stumbled across his face amongst a sea of people, and realized how naive I was to stay with someone so truly abusive

it's too soon to tell, but maybe he'll be my home because when I'm with him, all I can seem to feel is comfort warmth and peace

the longer you're away from my mind, the farther you get from my heart and that's just how I like it.

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