Letter to keep me warm
Letter to keep me warm harry styles stories

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He writes his true love a letter every night in the cold harsh winter. His warmth through the cold.

Letter to keep me warm

Dear Louis,

This is another cheesy piece about how your existence is magical.

Your eyes are soft like a warm whisper in the cold wind .

Lips beautifully shaped like a weapon you could use to drive me insane.

Fingertips that could give me glory (hallelujah I would sigh).

Together we could create magic to save the world from doom ( I swore that you were the cure for everything ).

“Would you like that, mignonne ?” I would whisper Magic (made from love)?

A lifetime supply of all the love and magic is what I offer to you.

I am on a different kind of high.

I was twirling in the wind with my demons aligned by my side (they were singing with me, we were chanting hallelujah I’m in love ).

Swaying to music like it was my drug.

It was a magical kind of love.

A love like that.

Yours truly,

Harry ( The Guy That You Don’t Know Exists)

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