Cello 11/16/18
Cello 11/16/18
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twentyonegoopz Endless symphonies, and worn pages...
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I can’t describe how beautiful I think you are, how helpless you make me feel. I fell so hard, and I just keep falling into you.

Cello 11/16/18


Walking a stone path, On a chilly night. Pushing through bustling crowds of people, I pass the sweet songs of carolers, As they warm my heart, But I keep a quick pace.

You were supposed to be here, So where are you? Am I too late? Did I miss it? Then, to my left, I heard a faint sound. It was a sweet peal of bass. Something, I thought, That could only resonate from strings.

I followed it gingerly, not believing my ears. Knowing that you were amongst the dozens of strings, Playing in harmony. I took a glance at the lights above your heads, Twinkling in the golden darkness.

I saw the silhouettes of people in front of me, And a sliver of polished bronze-colored instruments, Playing through the crowd. I looked up, and I could feel the music in my chest. I smiled. And I saw the stars, in that dark navy-blue sky that you love.

Looking down, I moved to a spot where I could see. To find you, in the brilliant, glow of dazzling bronze, And twinkling lights for the holidays. Then I saw you, And in that moment, I fell in love with you again, like I have hundreds of times.

You were sitting there, With your bow in hand, Eyes focused, And that soft-red, plaid jacket, That you look so good in. You were beautiful. And you played so gracefully.

My heart stopped. And when it started again, It was out of control. When the song ended, Averse to what I might wish, I was so enraptured, That I almost forgot to applaud you.

Then when you saw me, My heart melted. Your smile was enough to make me feel like cake batter.

That girl walked over to me, The girl with a heart made of bell peppers, ultramarine songs, and yellow pages, Took me into her arms, And made me fall deeper than I was before.

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