lighthouse on the sea
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the seafarer's lament

lighthouse on the sea

I won't remember your face

(your pale blue eyes just like my own)

No, I said I won't I won't

(your pale blue eyes so wide and scared)

I won't I drink

The tide's come out. I sit and watch it come in With glassy eyes. Down the last of my gin

(your pale blue eyes just like the tide and you've gone out you've gone and died)

And I killed you oh Christ, I killed you I need a drink I won't remember

With blurring eyes I see lights blink I did my job, the ships won't sink the ships won't sink

You had your life vest on the raft Asked "is this safe" and I just laughed I laughed

I hear you, God, you're laughing too It all must be a joke to you

Seafarer's daughter, out to sea Seafarer's daughter, aged thirteen

Rye burns my throat and my eyes sting And I don't care, don't feel a thing don't feel a thing

The tides go out, the tides go in I drop the bottle, watch it spin

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