You have broken me

turquoisedonutsNetflix Enthusiast
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A letter to my father

You have broken me

by turquoisedonuts

You have broken me

With every word you spit it feels like a hit in the face. They tell me it's emotional abuse but it feels pretty physical to me.

You have broken me

They tell me to stay strong, I hear that success is the best revenge. Perhaps I was just born weak.

You have broken me

She tells me that you love me, but when did love justify what you've done?

You have broken me

I try to pinpoint the day or year it happened, but your presence in my life has jumbled it into an agonizing blur.

You have broken me

I bear invisible scars and bruises for the years of screams and anger you have thrown towards me


You have broken me, and I'm afraid I cannot put myself back together.

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ahhh i'm sorry to hear this :( i hope you're doing alright. you are strong and brave!

a year agoReply
I hope you are okay 🙏