Highschool: Advice every freshman should know
Highschool: Advice every freshman should know school stories

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Freshman advice from an upperclassmen.

Highschool: Advice every freshman should know

by turquoisedonuts

It will never live up to your expectations.

Going through tough times is a guaranteed experience throughout your four years, but fear not. People know what you're going through

Take care of yourself mentally and physically.

skipping a day or two if you're stressed it totally acceptable. Keep in mind that skipping classes may add more to your workload and cause more stress.


Exercise is an amazing stress reliever. It helps, trust me. Running isn't the only exercise you can do! Find something you like such as biking, dancing, or swimming.

Stop trying to be cool.

No one cares. Literally. If you think everyone is looking at you, 99% of the time they aren't. It's especially uncool if you put others down to improve your image,

Do what you love, regardless of what other people think.

You will regret it if you're older and you never tried new things in fear of judgement. If someone judges you for your choices, who cares? You're having more fun than they are anyway.

Stop thinking about dating so much.

The right time will come, but you don't need any boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other to define your self worth. You don't need a date to a dance, you'll have just as much fun with friends

Don't limit yourself to one group of friends

Having connections can be sooooo helpful throughout the school year.

Take your grades seriously.

This doesn't mean you need a 4.0, but keep in mind that four years is not very long and soon you'll be graduating...unless you don't get all your credits.

Help is always there if you need it.

If you're trying hard and your grades are still failing, teachers, friends, counselors, and tutors are there to help. Use the resources you have.

You may go through tough times.

You could have bad days, weeks, or even months, Don't forget that you are not isolated. You have friends and teachers you can talk to.

Therapy is not a taboo.

Many people first discover that they have anxiety and depression in high school. Talk to your doctor about seeking therapy or medication.

Love yourself.

Tell yourself you are beautiful every day, stop comparing yourselves to others. You are perfect.

You will get through this.

High School is not an easy journey, but you will never forget it. Live this four years to the fullest.

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