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turnmypagesFrustrated writer and guitarist.
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Short Story.

Just For A Show

by turnmypages

I was browsing my timeline

when a message pop out from him, "Hey Lex, Do you watch stage plays?" It was Stefan, my close friend from our class block and my secret crush.

Though I wasn't really a fan of stage plays,

I said yes. Well, I wasn't really sure about what I felt for him. We shared lots of stories, faith and even in our future plans.

I'm on the verge of expecting he'll ask me

"I was wondering if you could join me for one tonight?" My heart started drumming into my ribcage. Is this for real? He's asking me out?!

I tried to composed myself

as if he could see me now and simply replied 'Sure. What time?' He mentioned the details and where to meet (which was at the venue).

Well, I'd be lying

if I didn't expect him to be sweet and pick me up at the house. But because I liked him too, I let it pass.

Time flew by quickly.

I panicked about what to wear or if I should put make up on or if I should just be me.

I went to the venue and stood next to the

lounge of the venue when I saw Stefan with a girl. He saw me right after and walked over to drag me back to the girl he was with.

I saw the sparks in his eyes

as he introduced me to the girl. I was just about to speak up when a guy from inside called out to her. Stefan just smiled and invited me to come inside as well.

Just few minutes later,

the play started. He focused his eyes on the stage.

Because the place was quite dark,

I was able to look at him freely. He looked mesmerized by the girl he was with earlier who was now on the stage and playing the lead role at her best.

I didn't know how to feel.

There was nothings yet to conclude, but I already felt a pinch in my heart.

The play ended.

I didn't understand anything from the play. I kept noticing Stefan's eyes glimmering from the lights as he stared at the stage.

We we went to the nearside of the

backstage,, waiting and Stefan? He was holding a bouquet of red roses at the side, looking tense. "Whooh! Okay this is just great right?", I thought to myself.

I forced myself to not be sad

about what I thought would happen next. "Lex, she's really amazing right?" His question brought me back to reality.

I was left dumbfounded

until someone called his name. He walked over and gave the bouquet of roses to the girl he was with earlier, the girl who was the lead actress in the play.

In an instant, I didn't exist anymore.

They started walking. I was left here standing alone. A few minutes later, I received a text message from him.

"Lex sorry okay?

This is my chance now. Thank you for coming with us tonight. You really helped fill the audience. They needed it badly, so thank you very much. Just take care as you go home. Thank you."

And so I started walking home

while feeling the tears silently escaping from my eyes and racing down my cheeks.

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