The Yeast Man
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A lonely woman with a sorrowful life gets a chance at enlightenment.

The Yeast Man

She was trapped in an endless mind-loop of gloom.

Each day, the clouds seemed to taunt her, constantly coating the town in melancholy gray... as if her life wasn't already a somber blur.

By went morning, afternoon, evening, dusk... Day after day, never once did the haze clear from her brain. She found no reason in it all, living this way.

But what other way would there be to live?

She had a job, a nice apartment, a family... but her purpose of being alive was nowhere to be found, and her brain wouldn't stop plaguing her with reminders of it.

One morning, feeling grim as ever, she decided to make bread-- because hey, she didn't want to live, but she didn't want to die either, especially not from starvation.

She grabbed all the ingredients, every one of them being from brands she used to cook all the time, all but one.

It was a new brand of yeast, a strangely packaged one, but it was all they had in stock at the store, so she got it anyway.

She poured the yeast into the water-filled pot, but all of a sudden, the shadow of something started to stir in the steam coming from the pot. Out from the vapor came a....

Well, she couldn't tell what it was exactly. It appeared to be a creature of some sort-- it looked like it was... made of yeast?!

She blinked a few times, followed by pinching herself, certain that it was either a hallucination or a peculiar dream.

But she didn't wake up in her cozy bed, nor did the little yeast man disappear.

"Hello, Kiara," the little yeast man said. The woman nearly screamed-- it new her name! This had to be a lucid dream of sorts, right?

But again, there was no waking up.

"What... are you? How..." She didn't know quite what to say to it, unable to form proper questions.

"I am the Yeast Man, and I am here to grant you a wish."

Okay, this had to be a dream. But even if it was, why not play along? "Um, alright. I can ask for anything, then?"

"Yes, you may wish for anything you most desire. But you must pick one thing only."

Geez, that was a lot to ask for. Just one thing? But there were so many things she wanted! How was she to decide? No, no, it is just a dream, she reminded herself. It isn't life or death.

It wouldn't even come true in real life, so what would it matter, anyway?

"I wish for... love. I wish to fall in love."

The Yeast Man snorted. "Really? That's it? A foolish choice, but your wish is my command. You will find love, dear Kiara. I have yeasted your dreams."

And with that, he is gone.

The woman blinks again. Suddenly, she is in bed. Wow, what a dream that was. She turns over in the sheets, seeking further comfort, when she sees a man laying there.

"Good morning dear," he says, looking into her eyes.

Kiara screamed.

The wish, it was real. The Yeast Man had truly conquered.

And from that day forth, her life was no longer bland.

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