What Will the New Year Hold for Arrow
What Will the New Year Hold for Arrow stories

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What will the new year hold for Arrow? What will the new alliances be?

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What Will the New Year Hold for Arrow

In the new year, new alliances will form. The team will be divided with Dinah, Curtis, and Rene forming a team of their own.

Was Oliver's decision to put Diggle in charge as the Green Arrow the catalyst that caused the new members to leave?

Oliver had always been in charge, but when he left it in Diggle's hands, things changed.

At first Diggle had a difficult time making decisions partly because of his injury that he told no one about. So when Oliver came back, he expected things to be the same and the were not.

The new members had made decisions too, and so Rene did what he what he thought was the right thing to do. I think we shall find the new team in a little bit of trouble.

My guess is that they won't be apart long.

Oliver will form a new alliance with someone else as well.

My top guesses were Nyssa, Roy, or the Huntress, but from what I have gleaned reading online is that it may very well be Black Siren. Frankly, I hope I'm wrong.

Certainly Cayden will know she let Lance go, and really it wasn't very smart of him to choose to take Lance and then let Black Siren be the one to hold him.

When she let Lance go, the viewer knew that was the beginning of turning her.

I think she's a better villain, and why do we need her unless it's to placate the viewers who are comic book purists. Sorry, I don't want to offend anyone, it's just my humble opinion,.

Anyway, things will be in disarray in the bunker. The new year will have a rocky start for Star City.

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