Meeting Point (3)
Meeting Point (3) meeting point stories

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When you're with an annoying person in the same place, you should go home.

Meeting Point (3)

"Oh sh**! How did you come here?" asked Jim. "I was invited by Mr. Hopkins." Jim sighs. "Uncle, come on." "What happened to you? Just accept her as guest!" said Mr. Hopkins.

Jim goes to bar. "Would you go there? I will make you something refreshing." "Yes, Sir. Thank you." "No problem." Mr. Hopkins whispers, "Don't worry about him." "Okay...."

"Wait a minute."

"This is for you." Jim want to take it. "Not you, Jim. Her." Mr. Hopkins points to me.

"...and this is for me, of course."


Jim pours his favorite red wine. "I don't wanna see her. Just let her go."

I drink and wipe my lips. "Thanks for the drink, Sir. I m sorry. I have to go." "I should be sorry because of my damn nephew." "It's okay, Sir. We can't let them like us, right?" Mr. Hopkins is on silent.

Yup. I have to get out.

It's my home.

Living room.

By the way, this is real my refrigerator...just for drinks.

There's a note. "Madeline, I'm going to Canada for about 1 month. Please take care Leslie. XOXO, Grandma."

Let's relax here.

Oh my! You scared me.

Oh my! You scared me. Hi, Leslie.

We have same energy. Let's sleep together.



To be continued

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