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because of course red goes first // doin this to practice kissy-smoochie biz ;) i believe this is what the kids once described as a "lime" i tried to find a lime emoji but there isn't one so have a kiwi 🥝

Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Red

Everyone was watching Blue stalk around as he decided on his victim. You only knew him from Green's stories and his league challenges, so it was a little hard to predict what he would do.

Actually, that's how you knew most of these people. He stopped and pointed at Red, a well-respected trainer. Red plunged his hand into the bag without a word.

He plucked the first thing off the top. Your item! You tried to straighten yourself up as you walked over.

You could think of absolutely nothing to say. You tried to start three separate sentences and didn't finish a single one. Red remained patient though, and simply offered his hand as a greeting.

"What is this? Stop being weird, get to know each other in there." The two of you were urged into the closet with no time to protest.

After the closet had closed, you both took a moment to breathe. Blue was already back to entertaining the party.

You clasped your hands together and tried to think of anything to say that could make this less awkward. You suddenly became aware of something very warm being very close to you.

Red! His face was even with yours, and so, so close. He offered a gentle smile. You couldn't exactly tell what he was trying to do in the dark.

You closed your eyes and pushed yourself forwards, not in the slightest prepared for what to do next.

"Are y--" Oh, sweet Arceus. He was trying to talk to you. You pulled back quickly and couldn't stop before slamming the back of your head against a shelf.

"I'm really sorry! I thought you were--"

"It's fine! Just let me..." He brought up a tender hand to cradle the back of your head and massaged with his thumb. "I was just asking if you were okay. Are you?"

You shook your head. "Yeah, but I'm so so sorry for trying to kiss you, I really thought you were trying to kiss me, and...

" You couldn't find the words, and you were left with your jaw agape and attempting to pantomime your distress.

"I just thought you were playing." The light from the top of the door seemed to spill in at such a perfect angle, just happening to fall in a diagonal sliver over the serene look on his face.

"Well, Red, I'm guessing you've gotten your fill, so I'll just..." You backed away, tucking yourself in the corner.

"Only if you have."

"And if I haven't?" You noticed that the light began to move upwards--or, more accurately, Red moving closer.

"Then I haven't either."

He eased his hand onto your shoulders, leaving the other at the nape of your neck, and came close to closing the gap between you and him. He stopped within a hair's width. "You're sure?"

You took a shuddered breath, then pushed your lips against his. You lifted your arms to just above Red's waist, timidly bringing your body closer to his.

His hand lingered behind your head for a second more, traced over your neck, and came to rest on your cheek. The kiss broke apart softly, and you leaned into his hand.

"Woah," he whispered, pulling the cap off his head. He subtly pulled you closer, and you complied by pressing yourself against him. He captured your lips quickly, but stopped himself.

"Could you kind of...?" He placed his hands on your hips, and pushed you softly against the wall. "Perfect."

Red moved one hand to the nape of your neck. You lifted yourself upwards to kiss him, but he stood on his toes, having you come up just short.

He planted his lips on your forehead, slightly annoying you; in response, you placed a kiss on his jawline, and peppered them down his neck. His laugh vibrated on your lips.

He dropped back down to his normal height, and then pressed his lips to yours again.

He placed his arms around your waist and pressed his hips against yours; you pulled him as close as you could. His hands eased lower and lower, and felt his thumb contemplating your waistband.

"Here, let's sit down," he suggested, and you went along with it. He sat against the wall, and invited you to sit in his lap.

You did so graciously, and couldn't help but notice the formation of something a little harder than you expected under yourself.

As soon as you had settled yourself, he reconnected your and his lips.

The momentum had been lost, but it was okay; the sweet, gentle kisses that took the place of heated and craved ones were just as nice.

Soon, you both found yourselves winding down; you both did your best to catch your breath and let your heartbeats slow down.

You sat beside each other on the closet floor, his hand intertwined with yours.

The two of you talked about whatever you could think of, just trying to get to know the other while waiting for the time to pass.

As you talked, the two of you took turns grooming the other, not wanting anyone to have the satisfaction of seeing either of you in such a state.

He plucked the dust that had fallen in your hair when you bumped your head, and you helped to pat the dirt from the back of his pants from sitting down.

Outside the door, a chorused countdown was audible. Red rose, and gave you his hand to get up.

"Wanna leave the party after this?" His lips remained close to your face.

"Yes, please."

He moved to shield your eyes from the offending light just in time, startling you, though you ultimately appreciated it.

Blue tried to stand above red, but only his spiked hair could loom over him.

"You didn't do anything? You guys are lame. Next!"

Dazed and joyous, you followed Red outside. He kissed you sweetly under the moonlight, and readied Charizard to fly home.

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