Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Professor Willow
Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Professor Willow pokemon stories

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wanna smooch the pokemon go professor? // doin this to practice kissy-smoochie biz ;) i believe this is what the kids once described as a "lime" i tried to find a lime emoji but there isn't one so have a kiwi 🥝

Pokémon | Seven Minutes in Heaven | Professor Willow

Blue walked past, hooting and hollering at the room to see who was willing to go next.

He was so concentrated on the promotion of the game, he tripped over your foot, which was ever so slightly in the way.

The bag, being rather full, spilled a couple of the items that had been offered up by other players.

One rolled between your feet, and you hurried to pick it up and place it back where it belonged.

"Eager to play much? All you had to do was ask, jeez." He grinned, delighted at himself.

"What? No, I--" You shoved the item at him, and he pulled away.

"Nope! No take backsies! Who put in..." He pried open your hand, the stickiness from the item making itself well known. "Some kind of candy?"

A few people looked up, but none claimed it.

"Can we get a description, please?"

"Yeah, like, is it just a wrapper, or actually candy?"

"Or what color? Or any kind of defining quality whatsoever?"

Blue shouted over the crowd, "Shhhh! I can't think like this!"

Green shouted over the crowd, "Isn't that normal for you?"

"Shhh! Red candy! White stripes! Kind of sticky! Tastes like..." Blue grabbed your wrist, but before he could put the candy in his mouth, a larger hand closed over it.

"Sorry, but I don't think you'd like the taste very much." An older man stood over both of you, his eyes crinkled in a friendly smile.

With his other hand, he offered you an alcohol wipe to rid yourself of the stickiness.

Hands now significantly cleaner, you found them entwined with this man's as you walked with him to the closet.

After finding a place in the closet you were comfortable in, you saw the door eclipse the light that once shone through.

It wasn't pitch dark, but there wasn't near enough light to make you feel comfortable. You felt around for your partner, and-- found him.

He giggled under your touch. "Careful now, you just managed to find my one ticklish spot."

"Oh, sorry!" You squeaked, embarrassed by your actions. "I really didn't mean--"

"It's all right. That's kind of what this game is for. If you really did just get wrapped up in it because of the dropped items, I understand..." He trailed off as he noticed how close you were.

You were nearly nose to nose with him. He smelled like the outside, of pine trees and grass, and wildflowers, with a sweet twist of candy.

You found yourself idly playing with the lapels of his lab coat.

You were nervous, and with good reason. Here you were, in a cramped, dark closet, looking into the face of a stranger. Your eyes flitted back and forth, unsure of what you wanted to look at.

The silver bangs that hung in his face, giving him a sort of rugged charm? His brow, defined but relaxed? His eyes, with the golden amber that twinkled in the mahogany brown?

His cheeks, speckled with dozens of freckles? Though all of those characteristics wrapped up to make one handsome man, you found yourself unable to take your eyes off of his lips.

The entire time he had been talking, you found yourself moving closer and closer-- quite literally attracted to him, this man whose name you still didn't know.

You felt the meshy athletic material on the palm of his glove on your cheek, and even without true skin contact, you felt as though you could have melted.

Heartbeat in your throat, butterflies in your stomach, and weak knees weren't the easiest things to hide.

He definitely did feel your rapid pulse, even through his gloves. In the darkness of the closet, your pupils were far more dilated than the dim surroundings would cause.

He leaned forward, his free arm finding itself around your waist as he did. He tilted his head down, and your lips met for a moment, as if only testing.

His lips were a bit chapped from the sun, but they were gentle against yours. He parted much sooner than you personally would have liked.

He stepped back to remove his lab coat, his glasses, and his gloves, and tossed them on a shelf without thought. He immediately returned one hand to your cheek, and the other to your waist.

His hands were warm, and a little bit rough from outside work. He went in for another kiss, but stopped just short.

"I'm sorry, did I catch your name?"

"Oh! Call me (Y/n)!" A smile tugged at his lips.

"I like that. You can call me Jude for now, no need for formalities." He found his thumb under your jawline, and guided your face upwards as he caught you in another kiss.

You wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him downward, granting you better access to him. You found yourself pressed against him, wanting to get as close as you could.

His body was well toned, but...

"Sorry, I'm kind of excited." He laughed at himself, a bit embarrassed by his situation. Athletic wear isn't the best fabric for hiding such... protrusions.

Regardless, you found yourself compelled to get closer. As you rubbed yourself against him, his breathing got heavier, and you felt him holding you tighter.

He began to kiss along your jawline, down to your chest, then back up to your mouth.

"Jude, you're a tease." He quirked an eyebrow and winked at you, all without parting. You felt his hand feel its way down your side, and pause just before your groin.

"I'll show you a tease," he mumbled against your lips, and softly, slowly, began to rub you through your clothes.

Your breath hitched, and your toes curled as you pressed all of your available self against him. He cradled the back of your head as the kiss deepened, and he put more pressure on his fingers.

Quiet moans found their way up your throat, and you couldn't hold them back.

Your hands trailed from his shoulders, over his chest, and down to his waist. His hips rocked steadily against your own, and you couldn't help but buck back in response.

"Do you hear something? I think--" He was cut off by the closet door swinging open, revealing a rather compromising position for the both of you.

Blue stood in front of you, rather pleased with himself.

"Having fun, are we?" You pushed past him with a curt "whatever," and Jude followed behind. He took your hand, and nuzzled the crook of your neck briefly before whispering to you.

"I've been doing field work out here recently, so my portable lab isn't far. Care to join me?" He beamed at you, and held out his hand. You gripped it, and returned the smile.

"I think you know the answer."

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